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This page is designed to introduce websites, or microsites that are directly, indirectly, or sometimes entirely un-related to Onslow Village. Generally speaking, they'll be related.



27th October 2008

Guildford Undetected Tumour Screen (GUTS) is a registered charity that was set up in 1983 by Professor Marks, a consultant surgeon at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Its website at describes the purpose of the charity, the work it does and how people may become involved.


Exploring Surrey's Past

30th September 2008

Right, after a few non-related sites, how about one dedicated entirely to exploring Surrey's past? Chuck your postcode into the "search" box, and see what you find. There is some amazing stuff on here!



Traffic News

31st August 2008

Do you love the M25 and enjoy spending your life on it? Do you enjoy the frisson of excitement, not quite knowing whether it will take you 30 minutes or 4 hours to do your daily commute? Why not try The AA, Traffic England, The Highways Agency or just pot luck?



Days out with the Kids

31st July 2008

Looking after the kids? Run out of ideas for things to do? Can't face the prospect of going to soft-play again? Why not check out Days Out with the Kids?



Curtain Raisers

30th June 2008

Although they are mentioned on the Clubs and Societies page, I thought it worth mentioning the Curtain Raisers website.




31st May 2008

The Jigzone website has nothing whatsoever to do with living in Onslow Village, but it is a great way of killing some time if you like jigsaws. .




30th April 2008

The Homecheck website is a fantastic way of finding out details about your property, and can help explain why some insurers will not insure you. For example, if you live in an area that has a history of subsidence or flooding, companies such as may not insure you, or will load the premium or apply a sizeable excess.



Guildford Museum

28th March 2008

Although it appears quite small from the outside, the Guildford Museum, located on Quarry Street, has an interesting collection of artefacts and information.



Virgin Media Service Status

21st March 2008

If, like me, you are a Virgin Media customer, the Virgin Media Service Status page may help if you are experiencing problems.



Flat zoo

14th March 2008

The Flat Zoo website has nothing whatsoever to do with Onslow Village. It's just a bit of light-hearted fun. Enjoy!



Facebook Onslow Village

7th March 2008

The Onslow Village Facebook group is a veritable treasure trove of information, trivia and comment about Onslow Village.



Surrey History Centre

29th February 2008

The Surrey History Centre website has a wealth of information about Guildford and the rest of Surrey.



Seeds of Hope Childrens Garden

22nd February 2008

The Seeds of Hope Childrens Garden is a charity that is raising funds to establish and maintain a garden in the grounds of Guildford Cathedral which children, young people, their teachers, families and carers can use to help explore feelings of loss of all kinds.  There will be a free Activity & Information Pack available when the Garden opens on 1st May 2008. Their patron is Monty Don.



Guildford Borough Council Site Allocations

15th February 2008

The Guildford Borough Site Allocations site does not have one of the snappiest names in the world, however there is important information on here relating to the Guildford Development Framework (GDF), including proposed plans to develop/ redevelop sites in the vicinity of Onslow Village. While the Issues and Options phase is over, you can still be added to their mailing list in order that you are notified.



All Saints Church

8th February 2008

Why not have a look at the All Saint's Church website. There is an enormous amount going on, and the site has lots of information.



Google Calendar

1st February 2008

This is not a website about Onslow Village, and it's not actually a website in its own right. Google Calendar is an easy to use calendar that works in a way that will be very familiar with Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to set up recurring appointments, one-offs and you can also share calendars and have a calendar for each person in the family if you want. You can register your mobile phone number and get free SMS text alerts to remind you of forthcoming events.

It's all free, including the SMS alerts, so there doesn't seem to be much to lose by giving it a go. Like all things, it's always worth reading the small print, because there is very rarely such a thing as a free lunch. Have a look at



Merrow Residents Association

25th January 2008

The Merrow Residents Association has been in existence for 35 years and continues to provide a focus for Merrow on environmental, planning, historical and local issues. It is served by a voluntary committee that acts to ensure that Merrow retains its present unspoilt and attractive appearance. If you would like to know more about the Association, full details are provided at the Merrow Residents Association website.


Guildford Cathedral

11th January 2008

While the Guildford Cathedral is not in the village, it is very close by, and there are many points in the village from which it can be seen, especially at night when it is illuminated. This website provides details of events, opening times, news, the choir and the staff.



St Catherines Village

4th January 2008

Happy New Year! Located just the other side of The Mount, and straddling the Old Portsmouth Road to Godalming, otherwise known as the A3100 is St Catherines Village. The village sports a fine pub, Ye Olde Ship, which keeps its beer well and has a good range of modestly priced food, including great wood fired oven pizzas. The St Catherines Village website has a range of useful information, including a Forum and an Events Guide.



Fun and Games

18th December 2007

The One More Level site is just for fun! It is a large collection of games, mostly written using Flash, that almost anyone can play. There should be something for people of all ages. Merry Christmas. See you in the New Year.




11th December 2007

As we get ready for Christmas, how about a little fun? The Kontraband site is generally full of the sort of clips that you would find on You've Been Framed. There are some only suitable for an older audience, but there is something called the Ninja Filter. This is enabled by default, so no naughty clips are shown by default.



Google Pedometer

4th December 2007

Once again, Google have come up with another fantastic, easy to use and genuinely useful application. This one, Google Pedometer, allows you to plot a course using Google maps, and it will then tell you the distance, the elevation and how many calories you would burn! Awesome.



Local Weather

27th November 2007

Although there are plenty of weather sites, this one is very detailed. No warranty is provided for the information that they provide, for obvious reasons!



Ward Census Data

20th November 2007

Loads of fascinating and detailed information about the Onslow Ward.



UK House Prices

13th November 2007

Now, you may think that I'm obsessed with house prices, but I can assure you that I'm not. However, this section of the BBC has a lot of very interesting information about house-prices, covering most of the United Kingdom.



Guildford Borough Council Planning Search

6th November 2007

Guildford Borough Council has an online planning search service which allows you to search for planning applications via their website. Having found a planning application of interest, you can see all of the detail that has been submitted, including a copy of the original form, plans, elevations and location etc.


30th October 2007


This site is one for the nosey parkers who like to know how much properties are being sold for - that's why I love it so much! As far as I can tell, it is free to use and the results that you see are based on data from the Land Registry. You can register for email alerts which arrive once per month. Go on - have a snoop. You know you want to! :)



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