Schools and Learning

This page is designed to introduce the schools and learning facilities available within Onslow Village.

Onslow Infants School

Onslow Infants School is located on Powell Close, adjacent to the tennis courts, recreation ground and Arboretum, backing onto the A3. It is a mixed gender school, taking children between the ages of 4 and 7. There are approximately 160 pupils in the three years from Reception to Year 2. There is a very active Parent Teachers Association (PTA) which organises numerous fund-raising and social events through the year, the largest event of which is the Fete, usually held in May.

Onslow Infants is served by the Number 18 bus, though the Onslow Infants School Travel Plan suggests that this is not the preferred means of getting to school for many people.

More details regarding Onslow Infants may be found the on the school's website, as well as the Ofsted entry and report from May 2008, which graded the school overall as "Good". I have read this report and was proud to be a resident of Onslow Village and a parent of a child at the school. Mrs Jennings, her team and the PTA are a credit.

Do you have any interesting information about Onslow Infants? When was it built? Have any famous people been taught at the school? Do you have any old photographs of the school? If you have any information that you think would be of interest, why not drop me a line? I would be happy to publish anything of interest.



Queen Eleanor's School

Queen Eleanor's Church of England School is located on Queen Eleanor's Road in Onslow Village, adjacent to the junction with Elmside. It is a junior school for 300 pupils of mixed gender and who are aged between 7 and 11.

As the name suggests, Queen Eleanor's is a church school, so it has a distinct Christian ethos, however all children are offered a warm welcome, whatever their religious background. There is a close relationship between the school and the parish church, All Saints', Onslow Village. The Queen Eleanor's website has more details.

The Number 18 bus service stops nearby on Queen Eleanors Road, and the Number 4 and Number 5 services stop near the junction of Elmside and Madrid Road. Whether the timing of these services is of any use to parents on the school run is another question altogether.

Do you have any interesting information about Queen Eleanor's? When was it built? Have any famous people been taught at the school? Do you have any old photographs of the school? If you have any information that you think would be of interest, why not drop me a line? I would be happy to publish anything of interest.



Other schools and learning

On the right hand side, you will find links to the Ofsted reports for Wilderness Pre-School and Queen Eleanor's After School Care.

If you would like me to publish any information about either the Wilderness Pre-School or Queen Eleanor's After School Care in terms of what is provided, contact details or other information, I would be delighted to do so. Just drop me a line with any information you'd like published, and I will happily do so.

As far as I can tell, there is no website dedicated the All Saints Toddler Group, which meets at the church hall at All Saints Church, Vicarage Gate. Some contact details for this may be found at the Families Online website, though I cannot warrant that this is up to date.



Godalming School of Dance runs ballet and tap lessons in the All Saints church hall on a Saturday morning. Please contact them for times, ages, prices and availability. Contact details may be found on the Access Place website, or on the Yellow Pages site.



Patricia Ellis School of Dancing also run lessons in the village for boys and girls on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please contact them for details. Details may be found under "Patricia Ellis" on the Yellow Pages site.

We are very lucky in the village that all of the facilities are serviced reasonably well by a bus service, the Number 18 service. This service (as at 09/01/08) runs hourly (Mon-Sat), starting at the Friary bus station in the town centre, before doing a loop around the village. Of the schools and learning organisations listed on this site, those located at All Saints Church, including All Saints Toddler Group, are probably the furthest from a stop, with the stops on East Meads and Curling Vale probably being about as far as each other. East Meads may be a better bet if you have a pram or pushchair, as the kerb on Curling Vale is cliff-like in places. All of these have good parking locally, though on-street parking restrictions do operate in the village.

If you are the owner, manager or administrator of any of the above, and would like contact details to be added, please drop me an email (Contact Us) and I would be more than happy to add these. Similarly, if you run or manage a group or activity that you think would fit into this page, please email me with details. I'd only ask in return that you let me know when these details change in order that the site is up to date.

Omissions are not intentional.


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