OnslowVillage.net - About Us

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you find it interesting and informative, and that it provides a reason to visit often. I've built it for a couple of reasons, as you will see below.

There is no "us" when it comes to this site - there is a "me". Internet and website design protocol seems to dictate that there should be a "Contact Us", not a "Contact Me". Secondly, the internet being the place that it is, which is to say full of strange and exotic people, I'm not going to say much about me online. I'm not hiding from anyone such as Interpol, I'd just rather not publicise myself to the internet community at large. It won't take a genius to find out who I am.

This is a site that I have created in order to learn more about website design and management. To that end, if you are an experienced website designer, I trust that you will have a degree of sympathy with me, and not take it personally if this site does not work perfectly for your particular browser or operating system.

If you feel inclined to drop me a mail to say "Hi", please do so. If you feel inclined to drop me a rude and abusive note about the quality of the site, then I'd ask you to pause for a moment. If you can do better than me, then at some stage you probably had to learn - few of us arrive in the delivery suite, birthing pool or onto the carpet with the ability to design and build websites. If you are less able than me, then you really have my sympathy and understanding. I'm constantly humbled at work by people better at this than me.

"Why have I created this site?" The answer, much like me, is quite simple. I want to learn the basics of building and managing a website. A large (read 100%) proportion of my job relates to e-Commerce, and unlike many of my previous jobs, I don't know the nuts and bolts of what I'm asking people to do, and this I don't like.

At the outset, I have a few objectives.

A site that is:





I don't want to annoy, irritate, antagonise or inflame the people that live in the area I have chosen to live in. If this site raises any of these emotions, please drop me a line and I'll amend the site, or remove anything causing upset. To this end, you will find no opinions on my part, and if you follow up on any of the trades or services on this website, they are without recommendation.

If you would like to make polite comment on the site, wish to send me something that you think would look good on the site, or wish to take issue with something that you believe to be factually incorrect, or that should be removed, please email me.

Running this website incurs costs, namely software, hosting and bandwidth. To that end, if you want to help with these costs, I would be delighted, however this really is not expected.