About Onslow Village

This page is designed to cover some of the more administrative elements of the village including central and local government, transport and health.


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Conservation area

This section describes the Onslow Village Conservation area, the benefits that are intended to result from it, as well as some of the considerations and implications that it brings to people living within it.

First of all, what is a conservation area? In the 2004 Onslow Village Conservation Area Study and Character Appraisal, Conservation Areas are defined as:

"areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance’. Designation ‘provides the basis for policies designed to preserve or enhance all the aspects of character and appearance that define an areas special interest’."

The Onslow Village Conservation Area was originally designated on the 7th of February 1990, approximately 60 years after the majority of the properties within it were built. The scope of this conservation area was defined as:

- To the North: the exclusion of Wilderness Court, Onslow Village Hall, Bannisters Road and most of Vicarage Gate;
- To the East: the exclusion of Henley Bank and Curling Vale;
- To the South: Farnham Road and Abbots Close;
- To the West: the boundary of Onslow Village Recreation Ground and the exclusion of Abbots Close.

Having reviewed the Onslow Village Conservation Area, the council concluded that in order to prevent the further loss of original features of the area, consideration should be given to extending the conservation area.

In October 2004, the council contact the owners and residents of properties in a number of roads within the village that fell outside the current conservation area, giving six months for people to comment or object. Additional roads now within the conservation area include Bannisters Road, part of Curling Vale and part of Vicarage Gate.

In November 2005, there was a minor amendment to the extended conservation area, which was supported by the attached plan.

Guidance notes for affected properties were issued.


The principle restrictions of the conservation area relate to works on a property front onto a highway or open space, and include:

- The alteration, installation or replacement of doors or windows
- Any alteration to a roof including roof coverings, rooflights and solar panels
- Building a porch
- Enlargement, improvement or alteration such as an extension, removal or changes to architectural features
- The provision of a hard surface
- The erection, construction, improvement or alteration (including demolition) of a fence, gate, wall or other means of enclosure
- The installation, alteration or replacement of a satellite dish or antenna
- Removing totally or partially walls, gates, fences or other means of enclosure
- Exterior painting of previously unfinished surfaces or changes of external colour schemes, or covering walls by render or like finishes.
- Removing or altering chimneys (whether or not they front a highway or open space)


If in any doubt, contact the Council.


Ownership and management of roads

This section will detail the ownership and management of roads, as well as what to do and who to contact when there are problems, including the road surface and condition, drainage problems, issues with parked cars or potential infringements of the Controlled Parking Zone.

Surrey County Council are the Highway Authority responsible for the construction and maintenance of all publicly maintained roads and footpaths within the Borough, known as adopted highways. The general rule of a highway is from the centre of the road to the nearest fence, wall or boundary.

Any queries, comments or complaints that you have regarding the conditions of roads, footpaths and road signs (except street nameplates ) should be sent to Surrey County Council. Tel: 08456 009 009



Street Nameplates

Guildford Borough Council arranges the street naming and numbering for new developments projects in the borough, the maintenance of street nameplates as well as house name changes of existing properties.

Any highway signs such as direction signs, information boards or road signs are the responsibility of Surrey County Council.



Drains and Sewers

In general the drains running from a residential property to the main sewer is the responsibility of the home owner(s).

The main foul and surface water pipe under the road is the responsibility of the drainage authority, which in the case of Onslow Village is  Thames Water. Tel: 08459 200 800.

Foul water is the waste water from sinks, baths, toilets, etc and surface water is the rainwater from roofs, roads etc.

To report a blocked or damaged road gulley, you should contact Surrey County Council who are the Highway Authority. Tel: 08456 009 009.



Ownership and management of street lighting

This section provides details regarding the ownership and management of street lighting as well as what to do and who to contact if there are problems.


Domestic Refuse collection

Guildford Borough Council run a weekly kerbside refuse collection service for domestic rubbish. There are currently no wheelie bins in Onslow Village, and residents are asked to leave their refuse at the end of their drive in time for the collection, which is usually in the morning. This can present issues with the local fox population who seem to enjoy rooting around in bin-bags, depositing the contents all over drives and roads, only for the wind and passing cars to further distribute. The Guildford Bough Council website has details of the collection schedule.



Recycling collection

Guildford Borough Council run a weekly kerbside recycling collection of glass, plastic, paper, tins, paper, cardboard and magazines etc. Two recycling boxes are provided on request, one for paper and cardboard, with the other for the rest. The recycling collection is usually on the same day as the domestic refuse collection. Full details of the service may be found at the Guildford Borough Council Kerbside Recycling service web page.



Garden Waste collection

Guildford Borough Council run a fortnightly garden waste recycling scheme for the majority of compostable garden waste. In order to use this service, residents have to register and pay an annual fee for either 2, 3 or 4 garden waste recycling bags. Full details of the scheme can be found at the Guildford Borough Council Garden Waste website page.



Waste - Municipal tip

Guildford Borough has one municpial tip - Slyfield Tip, which is located on the Slyfield Industrial Estate, just off the Woking Road. It is a modern facility, having been entirely re-developed a couple of years ago, and most of the skips are now located at ground level, so there is no need to drag your items up and down steel steps like you used to have to. There are separate skips for wood, plastic, glass, metal, garden and rubble etc. The site is managed by Surrey Waste Management on behalf of Surrey County Council.



Waste - Bulky items

With the kerbside refuse collection, kerbside recycling and munipal tip, most waste removal is taken care of. But what if you don't have a vehicle, or you need to dispose of an item that is too large to get in your vehicle to take to the tip? Guildford Borough Council have a service for bulky items, where (subject to conditions) they will collect it from your house for a relatively modest fee.



Controlled Parking Zone and enforcement

In September 2003, and after a period of consultation and discussion, the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) that is in force elsewhere in Guildford was extended to include a significant portion of Onslow Village. The prime reasons for the CPZ extension were cited as being to deter rail commuters from parking in residential streets, as well as students from the nearby University of Surrey.

The Onslow Village CPZ extension was then further increased in April 2006, after the effects of the original extension had been seen.

As at January 2008, there do not appear to be any moves afoot to amend the existing Onslow Village CPZ, though if you know any different, let me know.



Ownership and management of footpaths

This section details the ownership and management of most of the footpaths that adjoin the roads in Onslow Village, and what to do if access is obstructed either by damaged surface, hedges and foliage or parked vehicles.



Ownership and management of public footpaths (rights of way)

Surrey has a total of almost 3,300 kilometres of rights of way.  Surrey County Council  is responsible for the management and maintenance of this network, and for the Definitive Map which is the legal record of the position and status of rights of way.

I am not sure if this relates to cut-throughs between roads, such as between Bannisters Road and Vicarage Gate, or between All Saints Church and Curling Vale, as these are not marked as Public Footpaths. If you know the answer to this, why not drop me a line and make the site that little bit better.



Ownership and management of public spaces

This section details the ownership and management of public open spaces, including The Arboretum, The Recreation Ground (rec), and some of the communal flower beds, such as the one at the junction with Curling Vale and Thorn Bank.



Politics - Member of European Parliament (MEP)

The UK is divided into 12 European Parliamentary electoral regions, with Guildford being located in the South-East region, along with Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent and Oxfordshire. The South-East region has 10 MEPs who were elected in June 2004 and who will serve until June 2009. There are 4 Conservatives, 1 Labour, 1 Liberal Democrat and 4 others from various parties.


Policitics - Member of Parliament

As at January 2008, the Member of Parliament for Guildford, which includes Onslow Village, is Anne Milton of the Conservative party. She was elected in May 2005, replacing Sue Doughty of the Liberal Democrats. Sue Doughty had been the MP for Guildford since 2001, when she won the seat - the first non-Conservative to do so since 1906. Anne Milton played a prominent part in the successful campaign to save the Royal Surrey County Hospital from either closure or the down-grading of major services. Anne Milton may be contacted via her website or office on 020 7219 8392.


Administration - County Council

Guildford and Onslow Village are within Surrey County Council which has it's headquarters in Kingston Upon Thames, which rather oddly, is not in Surrey but is in Greater London. It was in Surrey at one point, however with boundaries being re-drawn, it no longer is.



Administration - Borough Council

Onslow Village falls within the area managed by Guildford Borough Council, whose offices at Millmead are located very centrally in Guildford by the River Wey, which runs from its source near Alton to Weybridge. Their phone number is 01483 505050.


Politics - Local council

Guildford Borough Council is made up of 48 councillors. As at the 20th of January, 27 of these were Conservative and 21 were Liberal Democrat. Full details of all councillors may be found at the Guildford BC Councillor Search.



Politics - Ward

In the election on the 3rd of May 2007, 3 Liberal Democrats were elected to serve the Onslow Ward. These were Steven Christopher Freeman, Tony Phillips (former Mayor of Guildford) and Christopher John Ward. Of a total electorate of 6990, 2263 ballot papers were issued, showing a turn out of 32.37%. Full details of the results may be found in the Declaration of Result of Poll.

Details of the Onslow Ward Borough Councillors may also be found at the Onslow Liberal Democrats website.


Healthcare - GP Surgeries



Healthcare - Local hospitals

Onslow Village is very lucky to be close to a major hospital - The Royal Surrey County Hospital - which is located less than a mile away and has all major facilities including an Accident and Emergency. The Royal Surrey, or RSCH, is located by the Surrey Research Park, a major centre of excellence for technology, science and engineering. The RSCH is a medium sized 520 bedded District General Hospital which serves a population of 260,000 for general services and 1,200,000 for cancer through St Lukes. The phone number for the Royal Surrey is 01483 571122.

Other hospitals in Guildford include the private Nuffield Hospital which is located on the same campus as the Royal Surrey, the private Mount Alvernia hospital, located at the Northern end of the town centre just off the Epsom Road, and the Farnham Road Hospital.

Further afield, there is the Frimley Park Hospital in Frimley/ Farnborough and St Peters in Chertsey.



Healthcare - Primary Care Trust

Surrey Primary Care Trust information to go here.


Transport - Rail

The nearest mainline station to Onslow Village is Guildford Station in the town centre, and this was originally built in 1845. Depending on whereabouts in the village you are, and how fast you walk, it is between a 6 and 20 minute walk. Guildford station is on the mainline between London Waterloo and Portsmouth, as well as on the line between Reading and Gatwick Airport. There are a huge number of services, with services to many of these other destinations via Woking, Clapham Junction and Reading.

There is a reasonable amount of parking at the station itself and in the Farnham Road car park, though these do get busy and are not cheap. There is parking on residential streets around the station, though this is subject to the parking permit scheme (Controlled Parking Zone), and there are restrictions.

There are two entrances/ exits at the station. There is the main entrance that has a shop, cafe, cash machines, dry-cleaners, taxi rank and booking office. The main entrance is on the town-side, and it is about a 3-5 minute walk to the Friary Centre from the main entrance. There is also an entrance/ exit on Guildford Park Road, which has a booking office (not always open) and two ticket machines (not always working). There are buses from here to The University, Science Park, Hospital, Onslow Village and West Guildford.

You can reach the station by getting the Number 4 bus from either the end of Elmside at its junction with Madrid Road or at the junction with Madrid Road and OId Palace Road. You may also take the Number 18 from the village to the Friary Bus Station, and then walking about 5 minutes via Bridge Street or past the Odeon cinema. The Number 46 and X64 services run up and down the Farnham road and may also help, though I have never used this service. The Guildford Bus Map shows the available routes.

Guildford Station, otherwise known as Guildford mainline station, should not be confused with London Road Guildford, which is located to the North-East of Guildford. This provides a more limited service.

Depending on the time of day and day of the week, it is possible to get to London Waterloo in 38 minutes, Portsmouth in 58 minutes, Reading in 30 minutes, Gatwick Airport in 40 minutes and Heathrow in about 60-70 minutes.



Transport - Buses

Onslow Village is served principally by 3 bus services:

The Number 18

The Number 18 service is a circular route that starts at the Friary Bus Station, weaves around the village and then returns to the bus station. During the week and on Saturday it runs hourly, departing from the bus station. Given the definition of Onslow Village that has been used on this site, it is not usually possible to be more than about 200-300 yards from one of the stops. There is no service on Sundays.

The Number 4 and the Number 5

The Number 5 service runs between the Friary bus station, the rear entrance to the station, up to Tesco and the Royal Surrey. It passes along the Northern edge of Onslow Village, with stops at the end of Elmside with its junction with Madrid Road and at the junction with Old Palace Road and Madrid Road, by the Astolat and One Stop. On this service, it is possible to go out to the hospital/ Tesco. The Number 4 service runs in the opposite direction.

The Number X65

The Number X65 runs along the Farnham Road, on the Southern boundary of Onslow Village, just below The Mount between Guildford and Alton.

Full details of all bus services may be found at the Buses section of the Guildford Borough Council website, or details on the bus section of the Surrey County Council website.



Transport - Roads

Onslow Village is well served with road links, being located between the A3 Portsmouth Road and the A31 Farnham Road.

The A3 runs between Portsmouth and central London, via Guildford and J10 of the M25.

It is 9 miles from Guildford to J10 of the M25, though this can take between 9 minutes and 30-45 minutes depending on the time of day and conditions. It is another 21 miles along the A3 to central London, and the timing for this is anyone's guess.

It is 46 miles down the A3 from Guildford to Portsmouth, where there are the ferries to the Isle of Wight and France.

The A31 from Guildford runs South-West to Farnham, Alton, Winchester, Bournemouth and towards Dorchester in Dorset. Just South-West of Guildord, it runs along the spine of The Hogs Back - a significant ridge that forms part of the North Downs and which reaches a height of 154m above sea level and which gives fine views towards Heathrow and central London on clear days. 8 miles along the A31 from Guildford, the A331 Blackwater Valley relief road provides access to the M3, running between Southampton and central London.

Farnborough, Camberley, Basingstoke, London, Woking, Bracknell, Gatwick, Reading, Portsmouth, Southampton and the New Forest are all within easy reach.



Transport - Air

Air travellers to and from Guildford/ Onslow Village are very well served, with Onslow Village being 26 miles by road from Heathrow (LHR) and 36 miles from Gatwick (LGW). For certain business travellers, there is also Farnborough Airport, as well as Blackbushe airport for executive and private flights.


Travel options to Heathrow airport include taxi, car, train via Woking (and the railair coach link) or train and tube via central London and Paddington.


Travel options to Gatwick airport include taxi, car or direct train from Guildford station.



Transport - Taxis

There are any number of private hire taxi firms in Guildford as well as licensed hackney carriages. These include A3 Cars, Fives and Sixes, GTA Taxis and Beeline Cars. None of these come with any form of recommendation, and the Yellow Pages carries a list.



Transport - Cycling

Guildford has no cycle lanes, so you have to take your chances with motorists, other road users as well as bicycle thieves and vandals. Good luck!



Communication - Public telephones

They're big, red things that very few people use these days due to the rise of mobile phones, and the fact that public phone boxes always used to smell of wee.

There's one by Onslow Veterinary Centre at The Parade, on Wilderness Road.

There is one at the junction of Elmside with Madrid Road.

There is one at the junction of Old Palace Road and Madrid Road/ The Chase.

I think there is a public telephone in the Astolat if things are desperate.

There used to be one at the junction with Curling Vale, Elmside, Old Palace Road and Hedgeway, but it was un-ceremoniously mown down by a crashed car at some point in the last 5 years and wasn't replaced.

If there are more - let me know.



Communication - Postboxes

There are approximately 115,000 postboxes nationally, and a few of them are scattered around the village:

Hedgeway, by the junction with Curling Vale

Queen Eleanors Road, by the school

Junction of Manor Way and the A3

Junction of Friars Gate and the A31 Farnham Road

Manor Way, about half way down, more or less opposite The Arboretum.

The Drive, near the junction with the A31 Farnham Road.

There must be more - let me know.




Onslow Village and Guildford fall within Surrey Police, having its headquarters at Mount Browne, just off the A3100 on the Southern outskirts of Guildford, towards Peasmarsh/ Godalming. Surrey Police employs approximately 1900 officers in addition to civilian staff and volunteers etc.

The local police station is located centrally in the town centre just off Onslow Street at Margaret Road, next to the law courts.



Fire Brigade

Onslow Village and Guildford fall within the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service area, which comes under the administrative and legislative control of Surrey County Council which funds it through the council tax. The fire station most local to Onslow Village is on the A25 at the junction with Stoke Road at the Stoke interchange, near the Ladymead Retail park.




Ambulances covering Guildford and Onslow Village are provided by the South East Coast Ambulance Service, one of 12 such Ambulance Trusts, and which covers Kent, Surrey, West Sussex and East Sussex.


Utilities - Gas



Utilities - Electricity



Utilities - Water



Services - Television Digital



Services - Television Analogue



Services - Telephone